You are not just marketing to CDs, Agents, Producers, etc… are you?

When I sit with actors, I see the same things over and over again.  Everyone is mailing to the same people (more on this in another blog), but it amazes me that in an industry built on relationships, actors don’t take the time to reach out to their actor friends and check in.

It seems odd, but hear me out.  Everyone wants to meet the person who is going to rep you, the CD who is going to call you in and the producer who is going to sign your check, but what about the group of actors you may need to call on sometime?  Stay with me here…..

You are without an agent or manager and you have been mailing to them, calling them and basically telling the world you are available for meetings, but damn, the phone isn’t ringing.  Then it hits you, “I will call my buddy, Mike.   We were in acting class together over a year ago and he said he would be happy to help.”  So you pick up the phone or type the ever common email, “Hey, hope you are well.  I’m looking for an agent and I remember you mentioned you would be cool to refer me, can I send you my stuff?”  Then you wait……and wait…….and wait.  No response.  Why?

Ask yourself.  Would you help someone who you KNOW is only reaching out to you for a favor?  Someone who has never taken any interest in anything you do until it serves them to reach out?  Would you?  Most likely the answer is no.  Why is that?

Well, just like agents, managers, CD’s, etc, we forget that our peers are always there to network with and many times can be a great resource for us, but instead we only call on them when we need something.  Like marketing yourself to others in the industry, you have a plan, a schedule and know when you are going to reach out to them, right?  Why not your peers?  Why not create a general interest in those who you like and you think are good people for the long run to be in contact with, then just like the others mentioned before, you every so often reach out with an email to say hi, an call to say lets grab coffee or even a lead on job that THEY might be right for.  Do that and watch how quickly you build an equal relationship with something that, when you call on them, are more likely to help you.

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