Why Is Your Hard Work Not Paying Off?

You’re a smart, proactive actor.  You’ve been diligently and consistently doing all of the “right” things for months (maybe even years.)   So why aren’t you getting the results you want?!

Well, here’s the deal…

…you can be doing all of the “right” things, yet subtly sabotaging your success by HOW you are doing them.

But the good news is that, for you, the difference between “results” and “no results” is probably only a few tweaks away.  In fact, that difference in results – the difference between a gatekeeper saying “no” vs. letting you in – can come down to changing just a single word in your request.  The difference between making three great connections in a year or making twenty, can come down to the phrasing of a single question.  The difference between getting your email opened and read rather than opened and dumped, can come down to how you format the text.


In the posts to come, I will be sharing many of the subtle tweaks you can make and ninja tactics you can use to improve the effectiveness of HOW you do things – especially HOW you communicate and network as an actor.  Getting better results from your current efforts is all about replacing vagueness with specificity – in your thoughts, in your language, and in your actions.

For you to create and sustain a successful acting career, all you need (aside from talent and technique) is the willingness to seek excellent guidance and the ability to take consistent and specific action on that guidance in ways that feed your focus.  That is what separates those whose hard work pays off from those who keep spinning their wheels.  And that is what I’m here to help you with.

Kristine Oller is an author, career strategist, and creator of The Actor’s Library.

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