Why I Need to Change the Title of my Blog…

This week I interviewed Brandon Martinez, head of the New Media department at Abrams Artists Agency. When I asked him to answer some questions for the Actor’s Network blog called “Webisode World” he said…

“Yes… But you have to promise me never to use the word
“webisode” ever again.  :)”

Hmmmm… I was puzzled. Aren’t we all on the same page with what that word means? Isn’t it a blanket statement to describe all episodes of a web show? I thought so… until Brandon educated me.

This is what he said…

“A webisode is a “web episode,” so a web version of say “The Office.”  An
original series made for the internet does not fit into that category.
It’s a big issue.  No one has a set term.  I use Web Series.”

So… I am changing my ways. For myself. For Brandon. For world wide web peace.

Can we change it, Kevin?

“Web Series World”?

“The 2010 Web Series”?


Ideas are welcome.

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