Why I love Self Marketing….

As an actor, I have had to train my brain to hear the word “NO” more than I care to.  I don’t like it, but sadly like a great baseball player, you are expected to strike out a few times along the way, so you better get used to it and learn how to rebound.
One of the many reasons I love self marketing (i..e sending out letters, notes, cards, etc) to those in the industry is because with marketing (i.e. not selling – see earlier post), there is really never a “No” in return.   Instead, it is just a constant flow of information sent out by me to those who I am marketing myself to.  That is it.  I’m not asking anything in return, just putting the word out about me, so I never really get a no, which is nice in an industry that is littered with that ugly two letter word.

I love examples, so take an example of Coca-Cola again.  They marketing/advertise themselves ALL THE TIME.  They change it up from time to time to keep it fresh for you the buyer, but honestly, they never get personally invested in those who see an ad and don’t immediately respond or flip a channel.   They just keep going about their business as usual knowing and hoping that eventually you will get thirsty and might pull that red and white bottle from the shelf because odds are I did see the ad, just wasn’t in the mood for it.  Kinda like casting looking for actors no?

So, for me, it is a mental game I can play with myself that makes me feel good.  No pressures or expectations, just me spreading the word.  Try it out.  Remember, if you get a buyer (I.e.  Casting/producer) to respond…GREAT!  If not, it’s okay.  Just keep on doing what you are doing.  Eventually, they may get thirsty for a little bit of what you have to offer.
Good luck everyone!

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