Who knew that being 38,000 feet in the air can make you feel so grounded?

Sometimes getting away (even for just a weekend) can do wonders for one’s perspective on their career.  Currently I’m sitting in seat 8A of a Southwest Airlines flight en route to Washington, DC, for a family event.

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but typically when packing, I grab all of the outstanding items laying on my desk in hopes that I’ll “get to them” while away.  But, I decided that this time was going to be different.  Of course I have my laptop, so I can check email and shop online 😉 but I left everything else sitting there in Los Angeles – the expenses I need to invoice, the one-sheets that need tweaking, the vids that need logging, etc.

I said, “Self, you need a mental break from the usual goings on!” (I love it when I talk to myself and actually listen!!!) .  I knew that if I’ve got my head buried in my “typical work stuff” I’ll likely miss the experiences that shape us a PEOPLE.  And, it’s those people/artists that we bring to our work whether it’s hosting, acting, directing, producing…

So, today’s tidbit is actually something you already know – I’m suggesting we each try and be open to life around us!  It’s those experiences that make us interesting hosts who have unique points of view.  You know how I always end my blogs with my husband’s quote about, “be yourself?”  Well, if you don’t get out there and experience life for yourself then you’ll likely never actually know who YOU are and what makes you different from me, from your next door neighbor or even  the pizza delivery guy!

Stop reading this, now.  I command you.  STOP!  And, go for a stroll down a street you’ve never been on.  See what you see.  It just might inform who you are at your next audition!

Now I need to close up this laptop and watch the clouds float by, perhaps a new show idea will even come to me?

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!

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