Where do you stand?

Where do you stand in your voice over career?  This will determine your next move…

Folks always ask me if they should take a group class or study privately with a coach.  The answer is always, “It depends,” because everyone is at a different place in their career.

If you’re new and you don’t know a lot of people, a group class is a great way to learn, network, and meet like-minded individuals.  If you’ve had loads of acting training already and just need some VO specific refining, I recommend working with a coach privately to learn the art of voice over, to produce your demo, and to get consulting on what your next steps should be (marketing, getting an agent, online casting, etc).

No matter where you are in your career, I recommend joining a VO workout group (or you can form your own).  Workout groups meet at a studio once a week with a coach and engineer.  Generally there is a nominal charge to members to cover the cost of the studio.  You read copy, get directed, and get MP3s of your work emailed to you so you can listen back and learn from your notes.  It’s so valuable to read out loud and in front of people.  You feel vulnerable, you work out your nerves, you blow your first take…and it’s all okay!  You can find workout groups by networking with people in your group class, searching online, or calling the studios listed in the Voice Over Resource Guide.

Anna Vocino

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