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Year End Wrap Up (1.0)

Using the past annually to make a better career!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. We all reach the end of the year in both a similar place and also completely opposite ends of the spectrum all at the same time. We look to reconcile our lives, examine our failures, attempt to smile at our successes and begin to forge plans and mindsets for the coming year. Kevin has spent years and years holding topical discussions on this subject and will toss out some really helpful ways to “wrap-up” your actor year and look to the New Year for even more success or perhaps even, a different mentality and game plan, to increase fulfillment in being a performer. And yes, this will even include a few thoughts about your ARTISTIC life as a performer, beyond the business of it. It is important, regardless of what your specifics may be, that you do some type of clean up, close up…and ready anew.

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