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The Answer

Isn’t artistic business just like math? 2+2 = 6

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Since 1991 when Kevin created The Actors’ Network, he has in one way or another been asked this question in a 1000 ways. He, himself, also asked it many years ago from the time he started in Atlanta to his first 5 years in Hollywood. Who is the perfect Teacher, the “right” Photographer, the “best” Agent/Manager and what is the “right way” to pursue your career so that success, fame and fortune are guaranteed. This is a natural way of thinking and certainly when we think of dating we find ourselves in this space of wanting it to all be the perfect choice. It is imperative to know how and where to find answers as well as understand that many times, there simply isn’t one, it is just the “trial and error” of life.

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