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Show-Time v. Biz-Time

Imperative insight as to how we plan and use our time!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Kevin has always made the focus of this Webinar an important distinction in our careers. And do be clear that he also absolutely understands that Show…comes before Business in the lexicon of our industry. However, making sure you’re clear on the difference between the two and how you spend your time, will lead to a more productive effort in both areas. We, as a community, will always naturally WANT to spend all of our time on the Show part of our careers because it is the reason we are drawn to performing. The business element is annoying, aggravating and can consistently feel very futile. It is, however, a necessity if you wish to make money at performing and therefore it is psychologically really important to always be clear on your Show-time v. your Biz-Time.

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