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Relationship: Writer

Isn’t everyone a writer, or are they?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. The reason that we’re not splitting up writers by their career focus, genre, or area of industry is because they’re writers. What we mean by that is IF they are truly JUST writers…then there is a great deal of similarity to their lives when you’re talking about “creating a professional” relationship that has little to do with their artistic focus. Writers write…usually at home or in a really small office somewhere…on a lot. You also must understand that at least 50% of even the “successful” teleplay or screenplay writer will have virtually NO power to assist you professionally. Some will, if they’re high enough up on the food chain of the project but many will not. However, don’t be disingenuous about this individual, because again we’re all about you knowing more “legit” professionals who can invite you to hang with them…with their producers and directors. Additionally you might just learn few a things from a successful writer about what they do as it relates to you.

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