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Relationship: Theatre

Just be clear why not just cuz...

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. This webinar becomes so much more simple when you realize that it is only really applicable to those in larger markets who are really spending a lot of time wanting to work in Film, TV and commercials as well as perhaps industrials and music videos. Because if you’re in a small city or even a medium market like Dallas or Atlanta you’re likely to have more success or doing theatre will have more value than it would in a place like Los Angeles. Since “being on stage” is the foundational process within virtually every actors life it only comes down to whether or not you’re having an affair, visiting roads well traveled or are facing the love of your life for which you rarely compromise. Theatre is brilliant and wonderful but beware of it being simply that “ole stand by” you feel like you’re cheating if you’re not spending time with it, because IF you really want to pursue other areas of acting…theatre can grab you, hold you, and keep you from ever getting there.

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