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Relationship: Teacher (2.0)

You are paying them.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Listen any two people can become friends, or fall in love, in any circumstance. But acting teachers, using the power of “free class” manage to get broke actors to literally be their personal assistants for free, their gophers and it can get very egregious. Know your purpose and truth as to why you’re studying with them. You wan their professional respect and you want to GROW as an actor…period. Everything else beyond that is white noise. The best way to get a referral, a legit referral, from a teacher is: show up on time, be prepared, give 100% every time, learn, grow and make everyone else better because acting class can become very SAFE for many actors. If you do all this, they cannot help but dig you, and want to help you. Teachers don’t get to scream and yell nor should they be all bubbly and sweet with everyone as if everyone in the class is terrific…which they aren’t. Guard ye well the priority in this scenario.

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