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Relationship: Manager (2.0)

An indepth relationship, isn’t just a “shot.”

There is an old phrase used commonly with relationships: “Never make someone a priority when you’re only an option to them.” How true…how true that is. Well on an almost daily basis actors make Managers a priority when all you are to them…is an option. Yes it seems that most Managers I’ve encountered make this very clear from the start and yet we just choose not to listen or flat out ignore what is being said to us. You won’t ever have much of a fruitful relationship with anyone if their opening remark or comment is similar to: “Yeah, let’s give it a shot.” Too many actors, all over the U.S., have given up on real representation are just too accepting of the casual Manager who feels like, yeah, what the hell. To have a real representation relationship with a real legit Manager it has to start out with a lot more than, “what the hell.”

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