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Relationship: Job

Bankable or brain drain? It matters.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. We do hope for you, and we mean it sincerely, that somehow you are independently wealthy when you choose to take up this profession…but since that will not apply to anymore than perhaps .0001% of you we have this webinar whose purpose is to remind you that in a large marketplace the “job” you may have could be as valuable to your success…as your talent. Virtually from the inception of Hollywood, or very close to it, there has been an age old adage that at least in philosophy still holds true: “Yes, I’m an actor.” – “Oh really which restaurant do you work at?” The reason for this is of course because in no other profession will you find “so many” doing something else…trying to become successful…at something else. But we gotta eat, pay our bills, as well as all of the annual career investment costs such as photos, classes, online services etc. Your city may be different for sure but in Hollywood or New York…your job can have a huge affect on you.

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