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Relationship: Dwelling

Did you sigh or smile just before arriving?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. You know the long held phrase, “A man’s home… is his castle.” Yes, it is gender specific but it matters not because it applies to us all. There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands, of studies done on the effect and affect of one’s dwelling. Yet through the years of Hollywood Kevin has found both for himself, and while watching others, that it is amazing how “little attention” this element of our lives is given. Ultimately this is where you sleep, where you go to sequester, re-fuel, rejuvenate, dine, and live a large percentage of your time. Should your relationship with it not matter or at least take in strong consideration for its value? Well after this webinar we hope you’ll rethink that entire prospect because we believe that it does. An actor’s instrument is their mind, heart and gut and every single one of those three are greatly affected by how you feel arriving at your dwelling and what has occurred within it…before you depart for the day. It matters.

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