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Relationship: Director-Film

Always looking at vision and art!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Yes, we would all like to have the Scorsese / DeNiro relationship…now wouldn’t we? However, it isn’t likely it will occur, although it is certainly possible so don’t stop believing. Beyond that what we need to recognize is that the “process” of a film director both artistically and literally is both specific and completely fluid. They can have nothing for 2 years and then have 3 projects going at once when you consider they can be in post production on one, about to start filming on a second, and be actively developing a third. Film is “far more” forgiving than TV in so many ways and far less cookie cutter in so many ways and that is really helpful in terms of initiating and moving an eventual professional relationship forward. As it is with all relationships, how you meet and where, will always matter and with the film director being able to get them to focus on “remembering or knowing” you is the hard part only because their professional lives are so random.

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