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Relationship: Class

All groups have their pitfalls.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. So how in the hell can you have a “relationship” with a class you ask? Easy, it is all about how you view anything you spend your time on in life, much less something as crucial as your instruction and training ground, in terms of how you look at it and feel about it over time. The question becomes, over time, how do you feel before and after you leave class. This isn’t about the learning, or the instruction, nor is it about the hottie male or female that you’d really like to go out with…it is about YOU…and the class. The old phrase, no pain no gain, is both overused…and accurate. No we do not mean that you should DREAD class but what relationship do you have with it…if it is just “play time” or if you roll your eyes when thinking about going. If you do that there is something very wrong. There a zillion places to study acting all over the world. We highly recommend you stay constantly clear on how you feel about “going to your class.”

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