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Relationship: Celebrity

What do you expect from them?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. One of the issues with this relationship is inherent in that while you think or feel that a Celebrity, in no way, should be intimated by your non-star existence…the reality is, many of them still are. This is a very very narcissistic and selfish business. Many times a lot of really successful performers are VERY insecure about how they got…what they got. They have no idea, so when a younger version of them comes along, it can be oddly disconcerting. We know, it makes NO sense, but trust us…it is true. Also, you need to understand that there isn’t much “they can do directly for you” other than perhaps introduce you to their representation. But then again, please see the above statement, about insecurity. At the end of the day we ask: “what do you expect from them?” We urge you to “be a pal” maybe you’ll even become a friend, and again as it is with most of the peripheral relationships, you just want to be “included” in being around them to meet others.

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