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Relationship: Casting Dir. (4.0)

The middle is what matters the most.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Think of this as reading a book, but you only read the first two chapters, and then the last two. You then can step back to see how something begins and then ends…without the details in between. No different than getting into a road rage scenario only to discover moments later that the person you were barking at is pulling up to you and is a co-worker. Yuck. Then take the concept of married men getting more attention than single guys. Why? Because they’re not, trying as hard, especially early on in a marriage. With these two thoughts in mind realize that where and how you met a casting director will forever shape your relationship with them and therefore how “pro-active” you can be professionally with them will forever be affected as well. You have to be patient, gentle, flexible, smart, professional and have vision. If you really wish to have a career in your marketplace the patient of building this relationship and sustaining is beyond paramount.

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