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Relationship: Casting Dir. (3.0)

Being likeable is far from being a “Bestie.”

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. The word patience, when it comes to a lot of things in life, just stinks. We understand this but you must understand that while Kevin does make a lot of dating analogies and so many of them are very accurate regarding the casting director relationship…where the analogy ends is with pushing too fast. There is also an element of allowing a relationship to reach a point…and just let it live there…forever. Does this mean that you can never have a really true close friend that is an active legit casting director? No, but it does mean that chances are 99.9% of the time the best choice with this relationship is to have it be mutually respectful and from a distance. You can’t ask a human, to stop being human, and the reality is if you’re too close to a casting person and things go amiss or even if you do something that is “nothing” if they perceive it as a negative something…then you’ll likely be “off their list” for life. It stinks but it is true since we’re human.

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