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Relationship: Casting Dir. (2.0)

Being pro-active isn’t just pushing.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. One of the common elements that you will hear, have heard and will always hear from Kevin are his dating analogies regarding this industry. One of the reasons you get that so often from him is that it focuses on three key elements: The first is the level of subjectivity in what one eye and another eye…find attractive. The second is the clear and constant subjectivity of how we perceive another person’s voice, laugh, body, history, essence, vibe, personality etc. etc. And lastly, from Kevin’s perspective simply as a man that women are a constant target. It truly matters not what you find pretty or attractive, because men everywhere will “hit on” all types of women…at any time. So if you are a man, and do not eventually find a way in your approach, to have some sensitivity to this fact…then it is highly likely you’re going to come off to a high percentage of women, far too strong, at the outset. This is exactly the issue and concern for actors to casting directors.

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