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Relationship: Casting Dir. (1.0)

It isn’t that you met it is how you meet.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. You could list a hundred situations and subjects that are far less delicate than this one. There isn’t likely another element of an actor’s career, in a decent size market, than the utter fear of “how to handle, build or have” a relationship with another human person…who is or claims to be in casting. Yes, we purposefully left some doubt, in their title. However, assuming their validity, we have a real issue and that is the procedure by which we “get to know” and create an association without being desperate, weird or forever cast away upon inception. The sheer prospect of it keeps actors up at night, keeps them indoors instead of venturing out to premieres or events or openly chatting at parties. When you have a grasp on “how to be” as well as “who you are” without too much fear of judgment…you then may create wonderful relationships. The real core issue of course is that word relationship and how many “different levels” it can mean…and SHOULD in this case.

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