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Relationship: Agent (6.0)

Answers? First you have to know the dang questions!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Kevin has been espousing on the value of “how and what” since 1991. You can have all the tools but not know where to start. You can have all the groceries but have NO clue what you’re really trying to make in the kitchen. You can even have all the groceries, made the choice and have the recipes to boot…but if you’re trying to do it all at once and have never done so…then how do you know how/where to start to make it all come out right…at the same time…for a great meal? Answer: You don’t. But it is one thing to not have the answers...and a whole other issue to not even know the questions. When you start hearing some of the questions you should be asking it helps take all of the other information presented in the first 5-parts and brings them together in your mind so you can really begin to see the whole journey and importance of the agent relationship. Do know there are dozens more but this is a great start for your career.

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