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Relationship: Agent (5.0)

So many options so little time...!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. In any long term or important relationship a certain degree of controversy and conflict is “kinda” inevitable. No, we’re not suggesting this has to be the case and in truth these webinars are designed to try and avoid it at all costs but it does tend to be something that happens. Every relationship between people is unique as well as with an agent but then again within any relationship there are “common categories” that always seem to stir up or create that conflict. To at least address these from the BEGINNING gives you a much better chance at not only surviving them but thriving during them…when they come along the road of your agent relationship. Too often we sit back and “react” instead of being pro-active to ponder, consider and hypothesize about “what might be if” before it ever occurs. When you have the strength and foresight to discuss potential relationship traps and cracks before you see them…sometimes…they never happen. ☺

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