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Relationship: Agent (4.0)

Philosophy, Goals, Projects etc. etc.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. While Kevin does not, in any way, believe that succeeding in Hollywood or as a professionally paid performer is any harder than it ever was, he does feel that it has become increasingly confusing. This stems from both changes in technology, how technology has altered entertainment distribution, foreign distribution of content and the pace at which content moves. Ultimately what all of the above has really caused is a great deal of confusion because of the “number of choices” that the typical actor has in virtually every city in the world. Now for the purposes of this webinar we have to stay focused on the way agents think in the U.S. because it is related to the way our Unions function and state laws. But as the old phrase goes, we laugh at corporate America, when it appears that the “right hand – has no clue what the left hand” is doing. Well from a philosophical perspective, goals, type of career projects and money…this is a MUST in your relationship.

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