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Relationship: Agent (3.0)

Do they see your tools the same?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. There is a specific reason why Kevin, for decades, has associated many of our processes as actors to be exceptionally similar to the dating process. Now when you step up past dating and start talking about being in a “committed intimate” relationship personally…you’ve crossed over into the real teeth of being in a professional agent relationship. We say this because often times the reason for the “next level” in dating becomes related to “connection-depth-future-desires-wants” etc., that far exceed the basic dating paradigm. So from children to religion to political philosophies, family and many other elements it is imperative to know “how your partner” feels and functions on these levels. Well the agent relationship is no different at all and unless or until you have a clear understanding of their expectations, timing, scope and philosophy on key career in the world can you have an effective relationship? Answer: you can’t. Period.

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