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Relationship: Agent (1.0)

Way more to it than you’ve thought!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. It is truly hard to express how important this 6-part series of Webinars is in the scope of any actors life. The 3 things that every actor is told they must have to work is class, headshots…and an agent. So with blind frivolity we set out on a course to “go get one.” That tends to be, not always, about as far or as much as we think about the actual concept of having a business relationship with an agent. For 99% of parents this is even more so and an even scarier proposition. Still we march onward using all tools and mechanisms available to us to procure a meeting. When we have one or two we sit there in hopes that they’ll just “like us” enough to “take a chance – give it a shot” so that you can tell everyone you know…that you HAVE AN AGENT. Please be clear, that would be the equivalent of meeting a guy…talking for a few minutes, and decide to be BF n’ GF without any further communication or details. Uh, not a good idea, as we know.

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