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Relationship: Actors

Perhaps you should watch “Mean Girls” again?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. While this particular webinar may cause quite a stir, it shouldn’t, if you spend some time reviewing all of the “teen movies” we’ve seen over the years. Remember folks, art imitates LIFE, not the reverse. Additionally, in the words of our Founder, the one word EGO, is the most powerful and damaging word in the English language. It is the word that creates sociopaths, narcissism, megalomania and the best of all…good ole’ fashioned jealousy. When you discuss your “fellow actor / thespian” in your hometown, school, University, any city in America or right here in Hollywood it does become a very important conversation. We hope, wish and dream that all our actor pals wants the best for us and we for them, but rare is the actor relationship, which holds true to this “Golden Rule” maxim. Beware, very aware, of how and why you retain, create, keep or avoid your actor relationships because they can be very helpful or incredibly damaging.

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