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Pro-Active v. Reactive

Facing our nature to wait for the phone to ring.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. This becomes one of those phrases or a word that is way over used, like NETWORKING, but just doesn’t get the attention that is really needed. Every actor feels that they “network and are pro-active.” But as Kevin always says, it isn’t that you do, it is HOW you do and how consistently you are pro-active and with what type of focus? By nature being an actor, in terms of legit actor activity is a “waiting game” and therefore we are commonly waiting for the phone to ring for an appointment. Please be clear that IF you wish to just “take what comes your way” that is more than fine, but IF you don’t want to accept this profession as being a “reactive hobby” then being Pro-Active on a weekly basis is necessary. Of course you want to ensure that you’re being pro-active in an intelligent professional manner.

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