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No Real Rules

No it is not the Wild West but it isn’t prison either.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Yes, we realize you’re thinking uh no way but we are serious. Certainly yes, there are some rules in show business, but the reality is many of the rules we’ve grown to feel exist against actors…really are no longer there. This webinar will “free your mind” a bit with regards to the rules of this profession from the performers perspective. You also have to realize that there are certain rules that don’t apply as much to certain areas of industry and some that apply more. Much like the rest of the professional human engagements we face outside of and sometimes inside of the audition room…there are a lot of things to consider. We really want you to know what real rules do exist and understand the rest are subjective so as to allow you to focus on doing and not sitting idly by being scared of everything.

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