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Know Thy Product

Who you are versus what they think you are...

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. It is psychologically important to understand this from the start: “You’re a perfectly fine type.” This is a maxim long held by Kevin because when you look a Film/TV/Commercials since 1/1/2000 you see EVERY type of human working. So avoid the thought that “you’re not the right type.” That is ONLY applicable to one individual job, not your overall career or ability to work in this business in any city in the world. Kevin’s desire is for you to really understand HOW your type and KNOWING your type can ADD to your potential success. From your inherent Demographics, common stereotypes, your age range, essence, basic vibe coupled with wardrobe and ethnicity…you are a product…for sale. The more you “get” you, the better choices artistically you can make per audition to increase your success.

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