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I Didn’t Book It

Stop losing the value of a great audition!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. There is no question that our ultimate goal on every audition is to 'get the job' but we cannot control that goal. However, what we can do is not lose sight of the value you do get when you don't book it, because if you really wish to have a legit career as an actor your journey and its positives…matter. The I didn’t book it concept is a simple and natural human reaction of disappointment. The problem is if we continue to get too caught up and stay in that “natural state of disappointment” then pursuing our career feels both futile and we’ll also lose the desire to do so. This is what ultimately leads to us treating our career as a hobby instead of a profession. The positive pieces within doing a great job in the room…is the very foundation of ultimately having a long successful career. Let’s do this.

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