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Define: TV-Hour Episodic

Yes, the formula of this type of TV, is growing

The hour drama television show…ain’t it just grand. Well, it certainly has served your Founder well, in that most all of Kevin’s credits are in the area of hour television or rather “Episodic” as they say in Hollywood. But just because it is easy to look at a TV Guide and tell us the names of the hour drama shows…doesn’t make you an expert on them, nor even if you’ve booked one or two. Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. The professional reality is that television is growing, as we define this type of entertainment, as television. The reason for this is the decreasing cost of production, the multiple locations in the U.S. where TV can be produced and mostly because of the fact that “watching television shows” are now done MORE than 50% on devices…and not, by sitting in front of the TV. Appointment television isn’t gone, but it has been greatly diminished, and we’re all getting more used to the culture of watching shows…on a device. So knowing more about this medium is very important.

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