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So you wanna be a professional?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. While yes, we realize that you know SAG-AFTRA is the governing body/union for the Professional (or perceived professional) performer in the U.S, the question becomes what do you really know beyond that about SAG-AFTRA? With anything, like dating when you’re getting to know someone, one’s background, history, focus, goals, current standing etc. etc. all matter and yet when it comes to the very union of which most American actors wish to be part of…we rarely seem to care much about what it really is. Knowledge is power, but knowledge can also create a great deal of respect, understanding and perspective. We like to make fun of politicians but a lot of people who poke fun couldn’t even name the 3 branches of our government if put on the spot to do so. Take 15-minutes and become a litter better acquainted with our governing union whether you’re a Union member YET…or not. ☺

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