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Define: Master Contact List (1.0)

This is the list that defines your career mobility!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Yes we all tend to understand the two words, Master Contact, but again much like a lot of Kevin’s philosophies do you truly know why defining it the way Kevin does will make it the most useful and important tool you may ever have as an actor and a professional. The variance Kevin puts on a Master Contact list is VERY important for the business of your career. This is yet another unique element that Kevin E. West began talking about to his fellow peers way back in 1992. This Webinar serves to clarify and discern exactly what a “Master Contact list” is within the acting profession and business as well as some information on its use but much like a lot of the DEFINE Webinars you will likely see up to 4-6 Webinars breaking down its scope, usage and execution over the course of this library.

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