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Define: Internships

Get insight but don’t be a doormat!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Being an intern isn’t a new idea and it actually has held an incredibly important status within American business, vocation and pre-career training for several industries. You have the legal field, political campaigns and other various corporations, which have used the concept of “Internships” to both their advantage as well as the advantage of the intern. The key difference is that “most of” these internships…are PAID. Starting in the late 90s the internship concept really picked up steam in Hollywood but over 99% of them…were NOT paid because actors are so desperate to be liked, considered and a part of the Hollywood machine. Well after nearly 20 years of abuse the entire Internship concept has come under massive fire, with a lawsuit against FOX in 2012 and many other legal instances with Networks. So while The Actors’ Network promoted internships…we had very specific guidelines to follow and thereby protect yourself.

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