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Define: Being A Reader

Perspective is the best currency!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. What a tremendous experience it is for any actor to have the opportunity to be “in the room” reading with all of the actors, some stars, coming in to audition for a project. There are literally a dozen elements of educational value for the actor that you cannot duplicate and would never receive in any other environment. We are complete advocates of “being a reader” IF you can find a way to create the opportunity. It is very different from being an Intern or an internship because we’re talking about performing and practicing your art while almost simultaneously…being an observer. It is somewhat surreal and incredibly valuable. Of course, as with anything, it has a number of boundaries and behavioral challenges that are difficult and easy to make mistakes if you’re not aware of them before you start. Bring yourself up to speed in this Webinar because Kevin E. West was a reader for General Hospital in the 90s and is an expert “in the room.”

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