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Define: Background Work

Learning is great but be careful...

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. For more than 5 decades the “Background or Extra” performer has been prominently in play within the world of on-camera Film and Television. In the 80s doing Commercial background work began to rise in popularity and it still continues today. There used to be a branch of our Union called, the SEG, which obviously was an acronym for Screen Extras Guild. But as we rolled into the 90s the SEG was disbanded and eventually what came out of that was the “Voucher” system whereby you could get (3) Background vouchers and then be “Eligible” to get your actual SAG-AFTRA union card. This created another entire set of issues but ultimately why do actors today do background work and what are the real life pro’s n’ con’s to doing it. We assure you it is more than, meets the eye, and there are a number of elements within its definition. Take 15-minutes and get a really solid modern day perspective on if, when, why and maybe most importantly…how long.

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