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Define: An Ent. Lawyer

Yeah, they're lawyers, but we need them!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Now we’re getting down to the real business of show business when it comes to Entertainment Lawyers. Yes, we completely understand this is an area of being an actor that about 98% of us would prefer to never have to ponder or concern ourselves with and we get that but it is still very important. You see, in any state, the Entertainment Lawyer carries one specific ability that many of you may never have considered or even known to consider. Now it is true that we will not speak for Entertainment Lawyers in other countries so if you’re viewing this from another country be sure to check on their latitude. However, regardless of a few legal boundaries and allowances, the bottom line is that we still need to address and define an Entertainment Lawyer so that you’re prepared to address “getting one” if it is ever necessary. Once again, in the new age of the digital filmmaking and New Media project world, understanding lawyers is extraordinarily important.

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