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Define: A Writer

Creators yes, but “what kind” matters...

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Yes we know, this is an easy one, right? Well sure on its surface of course it is because at the end of the day a Writer…is the person who puts the words on the paper, along with the character descriptions, the verbal and experiential evolution of the characters as well as the action and environment in which they live. But again, we’re talking about all of the entertainment world and writers for hour dramas are the same as copywriters for commercials, versus reality television and then there are the late night talk show writers. I mean you could spend hours and hours discussing the varied discipline and skills that writers have when they bounce across from one medium of entertainment…to another. Then there are even people who yes, make money, getting paid to write adult content…cuz they need scripts too…just not as many words. ☺ The bottom line is, you need to understand their position, not just their definition.

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