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Define: A Referral

If it doesn’t come with an effort, it isn’t real!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. It would be silly for there to be a Webinar that just defines the word Referral. So do know that much like all of Kevin’s speeches since 1991, his topics and this Webinar library itself, The Referral is a very misunderstood, and often misguided concept, within being an actor. Don’t miss this one as Kevin breaks down in this crazy subjective industry what a Referral truly is and why it is ultra important for YOU to know it, seek it, understand it and work to create them…but in the proper way so that they’re affective for you. If you don’t really DEFINE what a real referral is then unfortunately a lot of well-meaning people may lead you on a strange path of chasing your own tail in the belief that you have a Referral…when you don’t.

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