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Define: A Producer (TV)

These are the Kings n’ Queens of television!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. This is another definition of an individual in this profession that will either be a complete shock for you or help clarify some things you’ve seen or known, based on whether or not you’ve ever actually worked on a legit television set, or not. And in addition to that you also have to consider if you have worked on a set whether or not you were just doing “background work (aka, an extra), a Co-Star and/or a Guest Star…and how many days you were on the show. You see all of these different positions for the actor could give you a very different perspective on a TV Producer. But again, Kevin is all about the business of pursuing your career, so truly understanding how very important a TV Producer is…and how much they’re involved with the actual producing of the show…is paramount. This Webinar will change your entire thoughts about being an actor.

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