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Define: A New Media Project

Do you really know what the heck this means?

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. From the time the “New Media” contract was made until there has been a massive amount of confusion over just exactly this means or when you see a project listed in a Breakdown as a “New Media Project” what it will be or is trying to be. Well, that is the sole purpose of this Webinar, and it is terribly important. You’ll never find a person who is more of an ADVOCATE for dreaming…having dreams and going for your dreams, than Kevin E. West. But it isn’t enough to just have them you need to have the proper understanding, strategy and goals to achieve them. So before you ever submit for a project it is truly important to know what it is that you’re attempting to audition for and potentially be a part of making. The longer you “fly blind” with just taking or accepting “whatever” when it comes to your career, that is exactly what your career will be: whatever.

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