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Define: A Director (TV)

Shake n’ bake, move n’ make. Get it done!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Unless you’ve really worked in Network television as an actor your opinion or presumption of a television director might possibly be off a bit. We don’t say this because we think you don’t know we merely say it because TV Directors have an incredibly specific task before them when shooting a television show and it is a far cry in many, many ways from what a film Director does. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, is the television’s Director’s part of the casting process as well as how a set flows when you’re on it. But again, as stated in the previous Webinar, most of the time we “Define” these folks by when they’re ON set but folks we have to view them and understand them…before we get on set if we are to be pro-active in our pursuit. And lastly, it is so important in television, to know what they do…so we conduct ourselves appropriately.

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