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Define: A Casting Director

Best to know the limitations of their title.

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Ok, sure we understand, that you understand what a “Casting Director” is…by their history, name definition and even your experience with auditions. But as we continually remind you, if there wasn’t a reason to discuss it, then Kevin wouldn’t make it part of any topical discussion over the years at The Actors’ Network nor put 15 minutes of a Webinar into it. But the reality is…there is a reason to discuss and define them. Our belief system about their “title” and what it says rather than what THEY actually do…are likely a long way apart by the time you finish watching this webinar. Kevin’s desire and purpose is never to be about “right or wrong” it is 99.9% about “having the proper perspective” so that you stay focused on the RIGHT things. If you will watch this, then perhaps you will be able to process the CD process, differently in the future.

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