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Areas of industry

To know this is to understand true professional focus!

Welcome to 21st Century Hollywood – A Webinar Series presented by Kevin E. West. Certainly Kevin feels that all of his webinars are incredibly important but this one is way way up there in importance. You see even in smaller markets the reality is most of the types of jobs for which you’ll audition are still very different and each of them requires a different skill set in some way. But also the key to this webinar, are the people, who drive each area of industry. We may want to believe that a lot of performers really work a lot in lots of areas or that writers, directors, producers and casting folks work in lots of areas but it simply isn’t true. Now in smaller cities / towns, sure the casting folks may cast both Commercials, and some Film or TV in town but be clear that in larger markets and in specific areas all of these people are different and it means you must vary your approach.

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