We need a contract to do a Webisode?

You have a camera. You have a great idea. You know a guy at a great high traffic site who promised to post your hot new show as soon as it was done!

Making a webisode is easy.

Kind of. But keep in mind that in order to do a webisode and post it online with even one SAG actor, you need to file the production through SAG and use a New Media contract. Yup. SAG has a new media contract.

Here are the basics of the contract.

  1. You can use Union and non-union actors.
  2. You can negotiate any rate you want to pay the actors, even nothing. Good for producers… not so good for the actors.
  3. If you are agreeing to pay your actors, you will need to also pay out to SAG Pension and Health Fund a percentage of their income. Just keep that in mind.
  4. You must follow the basic rules of a SAG production regarding hours, lunches, and general respect on set.
  5. File with SAG at least a month before production
  6. Follow their directions to the T. If you respect SAG, they will make your life much easier.

It’s actually quite a painless process and SAG is willing and excited to help New Media productions… besides, it’s all part of being a professional responsible webisode producer.

And here are all your contacts below… and contact them to receive the newest version of the SAG New Media contract.

Mark Friedlander
National Director, New Media

Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Boulevard
Seventh Floor
Los Angeles, California 90036

Phone: (323) 549-6724
Email: mfriedlander@sag.org
Fax: (323) 549-6095

Bob Jensen
Manager, New Media

Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Boulevard
Eighth Floor
Los Angeles, California 90036

Phone: (323) 549-6804
Email: bjensen@sag.org
Fax: (323) 549-6095

New Media Organizing Campaign

Phone: (323) 549-6777
Email: organizingnewmedia@sag.org

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