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While I do not do it often, from time to time, I’ll get an email from a terrific member and I am just compelled to use the circumstances for a blog.  Mind you, the identity of any member never matters…as it is the principle…that matters.

The member wrote:

I did not use the vast resources of the network much at all this past year and I think deep down, I don’t believe I will this year.  I don’t know why I don’t.  Maybe I think I should be farther along than I am and so to come in for the discussions, Power Groups or guests feels like I’m stepping backwards.  Crazy, silly and self-defeating probably.

My reply directly to him:

I cannot render an opinion on the “why” of your statement question, and certainly my friend I’m not going to discuss whether this would be crazy or anything else…

What I know brother…is that this is simply a business that has no “clear path” and often times our desire to “work” is borne from many elements.  TAN stands, not only in its Topics/Guests/Resources but as much as anything a “constant” that this profession needs.  We can email, and click on websites, but often what we most need is the “true value” of purpose.

I cannot give you purpose brother, I can only offer the refuge of what this place stands on…and that is “thru line” a place to “remain and continue.”  Yes, this is a profession we can come/go from, without perceived  consequence.  But we both know, to be successful in anything in life, it requires continued focus.  An actor’s life tis not a straight set of stairs, and I totally understand where you feel you “might be” but at times, we think we’re at the bottom when the floor opens and we’re on top.

I’ve taken time to reply …because you’re a good man…but I can only offer thoughts.
Nothing I can say, can alter or change your feelings. These kind of days or literal months that we can slip into as an actor are common.  I’ve said many times that we can be performers anywhere in the world…it does not have to be here in Hollywood.  But if you are going to be here, then why not work hard, and see what happens.

Kind regards,

Kevin E.

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