Versatile Adventures.

Asian sex. Conjugal  trailer visits. Birthing babies. Demon attacks. Where can you have all this fun and get your nails done too? A looping session of course. Now that I have your attention, please don’t get offended. We “voice” sex in all ethnicity’s on the loop stage. It is not for the shy. I recently got to work on a film where we not only got to “get our Asian love on” (we were in an Asian brothel for a few scenes) but also got to smoke arguilla and speak Arabic in a hookah lounge, do some Hospital PA calls, Detroit Police radio calls, and lots of Internal Affairs/Crime Scene walla. This is a typical day looping a film. There are so many different cues and so few contracts available, that the loopers that get hired have to be able to be very versatile, change their voice and know multiple languages. We also had some voice matching for the Principal actors for TV lines (we replace all of the cuss words for other more “appropriate” TV words…like “freakin” in stead of the F word etc.) This was a bad cop movie so we had quite a few of those…LOL

How do you prepare to be versatile you might ask? Well confidence is a HUGE factor (improv  skills are, again a heavy hitter here too) For cop radio, believe it or not, you can actually listen to it live on the internet. Try it sometime for fun on a rainy day. Look up the specific city and “police radio” and voila… at your fingertips.  I just transcribe what I hear. I recently had to do some air traffic control cues and you can also listen to THAT live on the internet. Crazy huh? So a short answer to how to be prepared is “research research research!” Unless of course you are already an expert in the field. The great thing is, as all of us actors love, you can be whomever you want to be…even if you could never do it “in real life”

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