Top 5 Best Sites to Post Your Videos On…

1. YouTube (

Has anyone heard of this site? Easy to use, upload, navigate. A lot of user features and places to comment. And of course, a lot of traffic… maybe too much. It’s easy to get lost in the loads of kitten home videos.

2. MetaCafe (

Many of the same features as youtube but a bit more organized and they actually accept more kinds of video formats. Best of all, it was one of the first sites to pay people for posting videos. The Producer Rewards system rewards videos that bring in the most viewers. Once 20,000 people have viewed your video, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views.

3. Break (

The vast majority of the videos on Break are humorous, whether they are bloopers and blunders caught on video or scripted clips created by users. A lot of viewers but mostly male which may not be the only audience you want.

4. Google Video (

Google is a renowned search engine and has more searchable categories than any other video share website. And they have one of the largest viewing windows and actually decent technical support, which cannot be said for most of the other sites.

5. Daily Motion (

Daily Motion attracts users from all over the world—this is one of the most popular and diverse video share websites on the web. Most of the videos on Dailymotion tend to be more professional in nature. They have newscasts, commercials and short films. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of features for amateur video producers.

To see a link to all Top 10 best rated video share sites (by, click on the link below

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